Classification of DBMS Users

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Classification of DBMS Users:

There are many users in DBMS who have their own particular work, such as some users manage the database, and construct, whatever happens, define the database. So we can divide database users into the following parts.

1.Database administrator :

DBA is the person or group that makes any changes to the database such as update, delete, and create.

These are the users that are very familiar to the database. They have complete control over the database. DBA is responsible for any kind of action in the DATABASE.

2.Database designers:

Database designers identify store data in the database and choose the correct structure to represent this data.

Database designers have to communicate with them to know the requirements of database users.

3.End users:

End users are those users who access the database and on the basis of end-users, we prepare an update and report in the database. End users do not know about database designing, access mechanism, and working, they just use the system to complete the task.

4.Application programmers:

These are those users who write application programs for the database. These programs are usually written in c, COBOL, Fortran, and other general-purpose programming languages. And these application programs are used to perform different types of work.

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