Importance of Software Testing

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In this post, we will read about the importance of software testing.

When making the software, we have some mistake, because we are human and people constantly make mistakes. If some mistakes are not harmful then some mistakes can be very dangerous.

We have to test the software to improve all these mistakes.

So let’s know why software testing is needed?

1: – Software testing is done to find all the defects and errors possible in the software.

2: – Software testing is also done to ensure the quality of software products. If the quality is better then the customer will use a large number of software products.

3: -To increase the performance of the software.

4: – To prove that there is no fault (fault) in the software.

5: – To increase the reliability of software.

6: – To make sure the software is built according to the customer’s needs or not?

7: – Software testing is also done to stay in Business.

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