what is Software quality?

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Software quality implies that the software must be error-free, meet the requirements, deliver on time and come within the budget and its performance should be of high quality.

Software is based on external and internal quality of quality software.
External quality means that when a user runs the software, what does he experience?

While the internal quality is based on such an aspect which is code-dependent and these codes are not visible to the end-users, none of their meaning is coded.

The external and internal quality of the software is as follows: –

1: -Ease-of-use: – Software can be run smoothly, that is, the user interface of the software should be better.

2: -Design: – The design of the software should be good because the user will attract the software only when its design is better.

3: -Speed (speed): – The software should provide its service for a short time, i.e., its speed should be fast.

4: -Security (security): – Software should be secure ie who can see and process data present in the software? If there is an internet-based software then it should have encryption and decryption.

5: -Error-free: – Software should be free from errors because if the software has errors, then the reliability and security of the software will be reduced so that the software will fail.

6: -Portable: – Software should be portable ie software should run smoothly on other environments.

7: -Testability: –Testability means that software can be easily tested.
8: -Maintainability: – This means that if we have to make any changes to the software then we can do it easily.

9: -Readability: – The source code of the software should be readable, which means that it can easily be read.

10: -Reliability: – Software should be reliable ie i.e. software which should be stable on its performance.

11: -Functionality:- i.e. the software that should have functions on the basis of user needs, so that the user has the ability to work in it.
There are many criteria for measuring software quality and each aspect has its own importance.
SQA: –
The full name of SQA is software quality assurance. SQA is a group of activities that ensure that quality is present in the software developed.
SQA is a process within software development life-cycle (SDLC), which examines the methods used for software quality and the timing of the process.

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