What is JavaScript & its advantage

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What is JavaScript? –

You can easily understand JavaScript based on the following points: –

1: JavaScript is a client-side scripting language.

2:  JavaScript is light-weight and open-source, Light-weight means that we do not need any installation to use it, it can be used directly as much like the code of JavaScript is the same size.

Open-source means that we do not need a license to use it.

3:  It was developed in 1995 by NETSCAPE.

4:  JavaScript was initially named Live Script but because it was generated from JAVA, NETSCAPE changed its name to JavaScript.

java script img
Java Script

5:  We can combine JavaScript with the HTML page and enhance the interface of web pages and dynamically load the content of web pages.

6: JavaScript is used to create dynamic web pages.

7:  With JavaScript, we can create attractive web pages of the website because it provides the best client-side interface.

8: We use it for security and validity.

9: JavaScript is used to collect user information like – IP address, browser details, etc.

Advantage of JavaScript –

JavaScript has the following advantages: –

1: JavaScript is a very easy language, it can be easily taught.

2: JavaScript is very fast because the code that is created is created on the user’s computer due to which processing is very fast.

3:  Server interaction in JavaScript is very rare.

4:  In this, the user gets feedback immediately.

5: JavaScript provides a very nice interface

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