What is security testing?

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Security Testing

Data and software functionality is protected by security testing.

This is a non-functional test that does not require functional requirements.

Security testing is a type of software testing in which it determines whether the system will protect data and functionality from potential intruders (intruders) or not?

The goal of security testing is to identify the present threats in the system and also to detect all potential risks.

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6 Basic Security Concepts are: –

1: -confidentially

2: -integrity

3: -authentication

4: -availability

5: -authorization

6: -non-repudiation

Confidentially means that the data or information that is given will not be disclosed to the other person or party, i.e. only the authorized user will be able to read the information.

Integrity means that the information or data can be modified, inserted and deleted only by the authorized user i.e. the unauthorized user can not do any modification.

In authentication, the reality of the user and the product is confirmed, and it is ensured that the computer program that is in it is believable.

Availability ensures that the authorized user can use information and resources at any time.

Authorization means that the user will be allowed for any valid and requested operation.

The non-repudiation message is a guarantee of transmission i.e. when someone manages to another and the person receives the message, then both the person can not refuse to send the message and receive later,

That is, the sender later cannot say that I did not send the message and the receiver could not say that I did not receive the message.

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