RAD model

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The full name of the RAD model is the rapid application development model. The procedure of the RAD model, which is the same as incremental or waterfall model is the same. It is used for small projects.
If the project is large, then it is divided into very small minor projects and these small projects are planned one by one and they are completed. Thus by completing small projects, a big project is prepared quickly.

In the RAD model, the project is completed within the given time and the entire requirements are collected before the project is started.

In the RAD model, the project is completed very fast and errors are also very small.

The main purpose of the RAD model is to reuse code, components, tools, processes in project development.

RAD model has the following phases: –

Business modeling
Data modeling
Process modeling
Application generation
Testing and turnover
Rad model

1: – Business modeling: – In this phase, the business model of the product is designed based on information received from various business activities. Before starting the development work, complete business information and functionality are analyzed well.

2: – Data modeling: – When business modeling phase ends, information obtained from business modeling is used to define data objects.

3: – process modeling: – Data modeling in which data objects were defined is transformed to obtain information flow so that certain business goals (targets) can be met on the basis of the business model.

4: – application generation: – The application is created and coded in this phase. And automated tools are used to create and modify the software. All this happens in real time.

5: – testing and turnover: – All interfaces and components are tested in it. Because the prototype in it is tested separately in each cycle, which reduces the testing time in the RAD.

Advantage of RAD model : –
The benefits are as follows: –

1: – This reduces the time it takes in development.

2: – The components are reused in it.

3: – It is flexible and making any change in it is easy.

4: – It’s easy to transfer like scripts because it uses high-level abstraction and intermediates codes.

5: – There are very few defects in it because it is a prototype by nature.

6: – It can increase productivity in less time with fewer persons.

7: – This cost is effective.

8: – This is suitable for small projects.

A Disadvantage of RAD model: –
The disadvantage of this is the following: –

1: – It requires highly skilled developers and designers.

2: – It is very difficult to manage it.

3: – This is not suitable for long lasting and big projects.

4: – This requires the client’s feedback for the development of each phase.

5: – Automated code generation is very expensive.

6: – This model is suitable only for component-based and scalable systems.

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