What is Mobile Computing

Today we will read – what is mobile computing, and mobile computing the advantages, characteristics, applications, and history in this article?

These are very important topics of mobile computing, read it carefully, you will understand it easily, so let’s start: –

what is mobile computing?

Mobile computing is a technique by using which users can transmit data, voice, and video through a mobile or any other wireless device.

In easy terms, we can say, Mobile computing is a technology that is used by a user to transmit their data to a wireless network through a mobile device.

In general, mobile computing is seen as a technology used in smartphones but it is a much bigger topic because it is not limited to smartphones, it is used in every device that supports mobility.

Such as – laptop, smartwatch, tablet, etc.

mobile computing
Mobile Computing

There are three main concepts of mobile computing on which it is based: –

1. mobile communication

2. mobile hardware

3. mobile software

1. Mobile communication –

Here mobile communication means an infrastructure that provides reliable and barrier-free communication for a wireless device.

Under this comes protocols, services, bandwidth and portals that support devices.

The data format is also defined within this, ensuring that there is no collision with other systems.

Radio wave infrastructure is used in mobile communication in which signals are sent to the air (ie the sending and receiving of signals are through air.)

2. Mobile hardware –

Mobile hardware refers to those devices or mobile devices that can receive or access mobility services. It includes laptops, smartphones, tablet PCs, smartwatch and other personal digital assistants (PDAs).

All these devices have a receptor inside which is designed to sense and receive signals. And this device works on full-duplex, that is, it can also send and receive signals at the same time.

Mobile hardware works on wireless networks.

3. Mobile software –

Mobile software is a set of programs that run on mobile hardware It can also be called the operating system of mobile.

It is responsible for all functions inside the device. It is also called the engine of the device.

It looks at all the features and needs of mobile applications. It offers a camera, music player, cellular connectivity, WI-FI, Bluetooth, voice recorder, speech recognition, and video player, etc.

principles (characteristics) of mobile computing

Its principles are as follows: –

1. Portability –

It can move devices from one place to another. And can operate anywhere in the wireless network.

2.Connectivity –

This is an ability by which the devices are always connected with the network, in this, the downtime/lag time is very less, even if we are moving the devices to another place, even if it is connected with the network She lives

3. Social interactivity –

This means that one device remains connected to communicate with another device.

4 Individuality –

When a mobile device connects to the network, it is called an individual and this device can access the network for its needs.

Advantage of mobile computing

Its benefits are given below: –

1. Location flexibility –

Through this, users can work from anywhere and from any distance. Location flexibility means that users can work from anywhere. We can complete many abstract tasks at a time in a mobile device.

2. Saves time –

It saves time whenever we travel anywhere such as from home to office or anywhere else, we can complete our tasks through the mobile device while traveling. so that travel is free You can use the time.

3. Increased productivity –

It increases productivity, users can use it from their desired place and clients and company employees use mobile in companies so that they finish the work quickly, which increases their productivity.

Advantage of mobile computing
Advantage of Mobile Computing

4. Entertainment –

  Nowadays mobile devices are used for maximum entertainment. We can play any movie, game and entertain ourselves by running social sites, etc.

In today’s time, the Internet speed is very high, so that we can watch any video in high quality and it is used for education.

5. Ease of Research – 

Using this we can do any research easily.  Earlier, when mobile computing was not there, people had to go to that field to do research, but now we can collect data by searching on google or other sites through the internet.

6. Cloud computing –

This is a service through which we can save our data in online servers (called cloud) and whenever we have an internet connection, we can access that data.

7. Social engagement –

We can connect with people through facebook, twitter, WhatsApp, etc.

A disadvantage of mobile computing

We have read the advantages of mobile computing, but now it is also necessary to read its disadvantages, which is the following; –

1. Security –

Its main disadvantage is its security as mobile devices can be hacked and important and sensitive information stored in them can be stolen.

If we use someone else’s wi-fi then he can easily hack our phone.

2. Distractions – 

Using these devices increases productivity on one hand but on the other hand, it also causes distraction. Users also use them during their work to see useless things.

Talking over the phone while driving, has caused many accidents.

3. Power consumption –

The biggest problem with the mobile device is due to the battery in it because the battery capacity in it is very low and these batteries are discharged in a short time. If you get stuck in a place where there is no electricity and your battery is exhausted. (Because their battery lasts for more than 1 or 2 days and they have to charge again.)

4. Quality of connectivity –

You must have seen that sometimes 4G networks are coming fully on your phone, but the speed of the internet is very low. So this is a drawback to this. 2g speed is also not available in the 4g network.

5. Cost –

The cost of new technology and devices is expensive, which becomes a little difficult to buy.

6.  A problem with a mobile device is its screen because the mobile screens are very small.

7. If we take the phones with us, then there is a risk of theft due to which someone can misuse your phone.

Applications of mobile computing

Mobile computing is used everywhere in today’s time, yet we are giving below some areas where they are used.

• It is used in emergency services like calling ambulance etc.

• It is used by a stockbroker to provide stock information.

• in vehicles

• For estate agents

• courts

• In companies

• To verify the credit card

• to send e-mail

• To book ola, uber, online hotel, flight, and other services online.

Evolution of mobile computing

The use of mobile computing started in the 1990s and since then it has been improved a lot.

Do you know which was the first portable laptop, if not, then tell us – the first portable laptop was named Osborne. It was 10.6 kg. And its screen was 5 inches. It had two floppy disk drives and a keyboard.

And today’s laptop has 8GB of RAM, 14-inch display screen, and intel core i7 processor and weighs up to 1.5 kg.

Nowadays we can work everything from home. Shopping, gaming, entertainment is all in our hands. Earlier, we had to go to a cybercafe to run the play-station, internet to play the game.

Network 2G, 2.5G, 3G, 4G and now 5G has come in some countries, then we can say that mobile computing has developed at a very fast pace and new technology will be seen in the future also.

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